Nuget package: integrated MEF in Asp.Net MVC 4 and WebApi

Today i wanted to create my first Nuget package and i already knew what i would publish to the world. I wanted to make the code that is used to use MEF in Asp.Net MVC 4 and the WebApi (view this post) easy to reuse in other projects. I rewrote the code in a class libary.
After a little google-ing i found a video that explained how to create a Nuget package using the Nuget Package Explorer.  After that i created a user at the Nuget gallery so i got my API Key. With this, i had all the information i needed to published my first Nuget package and i have a feeling that it will not be my last :-)
The package can be installed from the Package Manager Console by typing: Install-Package MEF.MVC4
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